Being Real Introduction

Our hope is that this concept spreads and others provide this type of environment, the "pilot" group shown below met at Perry First Baptist Church in Perry, Ohio.  We have already been in contact with other churches in the area who are willing to host, should the need arise, as well as sharing the concept so others can implement something similar.

As we progress, we will be sharing informaiton for each week here, not only for those unable to attend our group but also to serve as a potential template or starting point for you to encourage similar discussions or groups wherever you are.


On the left hand side below you will see the youtube "short" video telling you what the content will be (or was) for that week (except week 1).  This short video is meant to provide those unable to attend the opporutnity to know and prepare for the topics to be discussed the next week.  On the right side each week we will provide various content pertaining to the meeting itself, this can be video, text, maybe powerpoint...not sure, but we will do our best to provide you information gleaned from each week.

Week 1 "Agenda"

Introduction to concept
Discussion - Faith and Religion

See the video above for the intro portion of our first gathering....we normally wont do this but it allows you to get a good feel for what this ministry is about. 
After you watch the intro you can go here to see the "Faith and Religion" video we used this first week to get discussions rolling...