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This page consists of brief testimonials from different people, with different backgrounds and from different sources.  We will try to organize them as this grows, for now, we are just putting them here for you to see.  Our hope is that you can connect with them to find comfort and guidance, and hopefully find the courage to share your own story. 

Right Now Media provides some great short testimonials, they are split up into different categories so you can quickly see what may pertain to you.  These are all less than 5 minutes.


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In the game of life, do you play for God or against Him? Men invest a great deal of time and energy enjoying any number of professional sports without recognizing God has invited them into the greatest game of all. He calls us off of the sidelines to play under the guidance of our one true Superstar—Jesus Christ. In this series, notable names such as Joe Girardi, Dabo Sweeney, and Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson explain how following God's game plan for life can empower Average Joe's everywhere to get in the game and leave behind a life that testifies to the transformative reality of the gospel.

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Jeff Allen - Raw testimony of athiest comedian who converted to Christianity

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