Being Real Ministry

We are a group of people sharing our journey, struggles and all, in order to gain a better understanding of what it means to follow Christ.  Providing an environment for earnest discussion about group driven topics and how they tie back to scripture as our foundation. This group is for Christians looking to grow in understanding and action, regardless of "religion", In fact we encourage different backgrounds.  We are not alone in our struggles.


Links to each topic can be seen can click on any that interest you.  You will find at least a summary video, but may also find other pertinent resources added as we go.


Group members get a text each week to inform them of the next week's topic, determined by majority rule of the group.


Being Real” Group Rules

* Active listening is a must

* Make a conscious effort to hear not only the words but the complete message communicated.
* Absorb what is being said, don’t listen to respond
* Be in the moment, pause when they are done to consider what they have said
* 1 person talks at a time, others employ active listening skills
* We discuss, for a better understanding, we do not argue or debate
* Be concise in your speaking to allow for more interaction from others
* No agenda pushing or monopolizing of conversation
* Ask questions, but don’t question the person
* We always go to the Bible for guidance and wisdom
* The facilitator controls the group and discussions, this must be respected

Our 4 step approach for each topic


Open Discussion on topic

(Listen & Share)

Scripture guidance & discussion (Seek)

Summarize what was learned &
Determine “Faith in Action” items (Apply)

Last meeting's topic was "Summarizing Paul's letters to the churches and finding common threads",
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