FaithWalk Interviews

One of the things we quickly realized was that people had a lot of questions, we also realized that most of the people we talked to were hesitant to ask others the questions.  In addition 


We went back and forth on how best to do these, since they are longer form videos, do we split into multiple videos, spread the releases out...etc.  As the videos grow, and as we show on the site, splitting them up causes other issues.  The format we chose was to put the entire interview in one video but to create chapters and identify the questions asked or topics in those chapters.  This allows you to "scrub" the timeline to go to points in the video that interest you, while keeping all the interview content together.


A long time believer in Christ, known for her knowledge of the the Bible due to her curiousity and constant pursuit of God.


A late bloomer in becoming a christian, with a non traditional path.

Saved at 6 years old in a fundamentla church, marine wife, skilled pianist who experienced struggle, loss, and a full circle journey, 

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