Building up the church

Went looking for more resources after our meeting to be able to post here.  The information gathered for the "Building the church - Part 1" group meeting was from various sources, and many hours of time to learn and gather.  The hope is that the resources below get you to a place of knowledge with less time and effort :)

Here are a couple different Youtube videos that quickly go over church history.

This one is from the Catholic "Breaking the habit" channel.

This one is a bit quirky, but it does a good job of showing all the denominational offshoots as the history of the church progressed and the events that caused it (high level).

To get a more personal take on Paul's backstory, we viewed the video in the picture to the right.

Click here to view the webpage

Book of Romans - Resources

This video is a great overview of the book of Romans from a high level.